The Results Are In!

Meet Ember, The FireSmart Fox

Thanks to everyone who voted! After careful consideration our panel came to its final decision: Ember is now the official name of FireSmart Canada’s new messenger. We’re proud to say that we received more than 500 name submissions from all across Canada.

Meet the winner, and runners-up, from all across Canada.

Andrew Stack - Edmonton, AB Runner-up
Arlene S. - Swansea Point, BC Winner
Benjamin Taylor - Green's Harbour, NL Runner-up
Brad Litke - Kamloops, BC Runner-up
Brandy Maslowski - Summerland, BC Runner-up
Caroline Charbonneau - Edson, AB Runner-up
Chris S. - Port Alberni, BC Runner-up
Chris U. - Toronto, ON Runner-up
Crystel VanderGriend - Lytton, BC Runner-up
Dave Ayton - Delta, BC Runner-up
Dylan Simpson - Williams Lake, BC Runner-up
Emily, Daniel, Twins Dawson and Deegan, and Beau B. - Red Deer, AB Runner-up
Graham A. - 108 Mile Ranch, BC Runner-up
Gwen Freeman - Clearwater, BC Runner-up
Jackson Vandesteeg - Heffley Creek, BC Runner-up
Jennie Rausch - Yellowknife, NT Runner-up
Jessica Bockus - Vernon, BC Runner-up
Jessica D. - Parksville, BC Runner-up
Kelly Campbell - Williams Lake, BC Runner-up
Kevin - Salmon Arm, BC Runner-up
Lilja - Whitehorse, YT Runner-up
Makayla - Winnipeg, MB Runner-up
Martina Sampson - Lytton, BC Runner-up
Megan Williams - Lone Butte, BC Runner-up
Patti Renaud - Sault Ste. Marie, ON Runner-up
Penny Heneberry - Sambro, NS Runner-up
Rockie Doane - Terrace, BC Runner-up
Ron Lampreau - Barrière, BC Runner-up
Stephen B. - Winlaw, BC Runner-up

Arlene S.

Swansea Point, BC
Why I Chose Ember

My choice of Ember as the FireSmart fox came from the fact that it only takes an ember to start a fire. An ember can turn from a smoldering ground fire to a forest fire in moments.

Why Firesmart is important to me

As I live in a forested area, and a permanent year round homeowner FireSmart is very important to me, just in case the inevitable happens. We as a community need to be prepared and help to inform and prepare our friends and neighbours.

How I’m involved with FireSmart

In my community I actually am one of the FireSmart representatives and it’s been a difficult time trying to get the permanent and seasonal residents to FireSmart their properties.

Why did we choose a fox?

Ember, a red fox, is an effective messenger because of her unique characteristics, which include: alertness, adaptability, intelligence and community mindedness.

Ember’s primary job is to educate the public about how to apply FireSmart principles to their homes, properties and neighbourhoods to increase wildfire resiliency.

“In an effort to spread awareness about our brand and programs, FireSmart Canada has developed a fox mascot to help further engage and connect with the public,” says Laura King, communications advisor for FireSmart Canada. “Research shows that people of all ages absorb and retain knowledge better when the delivery includes visual aids such as mascots.”

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