Name The Firesmart Fox

FireSmart Canada has a new mascot! The FireSmart Fox is a red fox, an animal found in most parts of Canada. The red fox is a social and community-based animal; it adapts to changing surroundings, and even creates FireSmart homes!

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Everyone loves a mascot. In fact, people of all ages retain knowledge better when the delivery includes visual aids such as mascots.

The FireSmart Fox will help people recognize the FireSmart brand and will become part of FireSmart messages, activities and events.

What to consider when brainstorming a name for the FireSmart Fox?

  • Does the name embody the FireSmart principles of shared responsibility, community, and taking action?
  • Does the name tie in with FireSmart projects, programs or initiatives in your area? 
  • Is the name meaningful in terms of wildfire preparedness and building wildfire resilient neighbourhoods?

Submit this form, or post your suggestion using #FireSmartFox on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. (One entry per email address. See our contest rules page for more information.)

The winner receives a $150 Parks Canada gift card, or $150 to spend locally on products to help FireSmart your home and property. Submit your entry by November 6th, 2020.

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